Technical Director

Our client is a multinational Company, leader in the packaging industry, that has appointed us to search and select a Technical Director for the Country Italy.
The role is responsible to manage and coordinate the preparation and subsequent execution of the Annual Investment Plan of the Country. Ensure that manufacturing and maintenance procedures and processes are aligned with Division requirements. Ensure that existing installations and processes allow the Country to continue to lead in its sector.

• Accountable for the Development of the Annual Investment Plan. Manage and coordinate the implementation of that Investment Plan
• Extraordinary investment proposals
• Manage and coordinate negotiations with Suppliers of equipment and machinery. Ensuring that machinery is are compliant with Safety regulations, perform as agreed and is capable to meet the requirements of our most demanding customers
• Coordinate functionally the network of Production Managers
• Coordinate functionally the network of Product & Process Coordinators

Main Duties
• Design and submit to the Division, in agreement with the Country management, the Country Annual Investment Plan. Ensure that the needs and requests of the plants are considered and are in line with the guidelines laid down in the Strategic Plan
• Manage and coordinate the implementation of the Investment Plan to ensure that installations bring the improvement planned
• Analyse and evaluate extraordinary investment proposals (not contemplated in the Investment Plan). Agree with Country Management the decision to grant or refuse the request received. Support the creation of the investment request, including supporting documentation and quotations should it be granted or justify its refusal.
• Manage and coordinate with the Suppliers of equipment and machinery in order to ensure that approved investments are installed as agreed, are compliant with Safety regulations and perform as planned.
• Coordinate functionally the network of Production Managers, define productivity targets and support the plants in achieving them. Agree development programs and initiatives within this group.
• Coordinate functionally the Product & Process Coordinators team. Design their training and development programs. Identify and define the projects to be implemented and monitor/coordinate the implementation phase.
• Promote and stimulate the development of better techniques in Manufacturing Systems and Processes regarding Preventive Maintenance in plants, with a view on the on-going improvement and coordination of the Country’s products placed on the market.
• Manage the routine (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) processing activities typically associated with the Technical Director’s Function at Country level in compliance with the Standards set by the Group.
• Review on a regular basis the processes in the Technical Function and, with other members of the Country Management Team, processes within the businesses upon which the Technical Function is dependent, to ensure that they are delivering what is required in an effective manner.
• Participate as a member of the Country Management Team in formulating its Business Strategies, Plans and Budgets and in monitoring its (subsequent) performance so as to ensure that the Corporate goals are achieved.
• Advise the CEO and COO of the Country at the earliest opportunity of any concerns he/she may have concerning the technical performance of the business and/or its processes.
• Manage the members of his/her team appropriately, as per Group and Country policies, enabling the best engagement level and talent development.

• College or University degree – technical or similar
• Fluency in the English language
• Extensive experience in Technical Management Functions
• Good communication skills; Strategic view, high ethical standards, team working skills; High problem solving competences; Flexibility, results-driven approach

Work place: North of Italy


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