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APraise uses leading-edge methodologies and innovative tools to assess the skills and potential of Managers and C-Levels, while maintaining a human-centric approach, with the goal of supporting our client companies in managing Resources within the organization. Our method, established and updated over the years, aims to identify the personality traits, behavioral styles and motivational drivers needed to act effectively and successfully in current or future corporate roles, even outside the comfort zone.

We offer customized assessments on the organization’s competency model to provide useful insights for managing an individual’s career path or for developing teams. Our assessment process includes internationally certified tools and specific activities custom-built for the Resource and the analyzed role, enabling analytical and timely return of results and the design of a detailed competency growth path.

Our team of highly specialized professionals supports clients in the recruitment and evaluation of top talent or manager development, including the activation of training courses on People management, Executive Coaching and Performance Appraisal consulting.