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Business coaching is an individual approach that amplifies the potential of the individual and supports their development, but at the same time it has a profound impact on organizations and businesses.

Thanks to this powerful tool, working on the Individual facilitates, in an extremely natural and positive way, the business objectives of the company.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of company contexts and, at the same time, of the levers that in any human being influence the ability to change, perform and achieve better results, Apraise is able to devise and develop highly effective coaching paths for professionals, managers and entrepreneurs who need to:

1. improve some specific skills (leadership, teamwork, resource management, time and stress management, problem solving, motivation and result orientation);
2. develop totally or partially unexpressed individual potentialities.

Addressing these needs can be a game changer in the management of many frequent and complex situations, which have a strong impact on business results, such as: changes in role, organizational and managerial problems, increasing responsibilities, moments of personal or business crisis, conflicting relationships with managers, colleagues or collaborators, critical career steps.

The APraise coaching process involves 4 steps which are adapted to each specific case, depending on the objectives, the stakeholders, the duration and the issues to be addressed.
In summary, the 4 stages are:
– exploring the company and the individual,
– assessing the individual’s skills,
– identifying a development plan and specific goals,
– working through the process of change / transformational conversations.