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Head Hunting

Thanks to the constant interaction with our clients and continuous attention to their needs, APraise has achieved a high level of expertise in the business environment, and in the priorities and aims of our clients.
In the personnel search and primary selection process we first map the market and, through a plurality of tools (first of all direct research), we identify the available candidates. In a second phase we proceed to select the best profiles, through a rigorous assessment of technical and managerial skills, as well as of personality and motivations.

Our interviews are extremely thorough and structured, in order to achieve the most accurate assessment of the candidate: for this reason Apraise utilises INNOVATIVE AND HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC ASSESSMENT TOOLS, INTERNALLY DEVELOPED THROUGH A PARTNER LEADING COMPANY.

After the research and primary selection process, APraise supports clients and candidates in the subsequent interviews, providing them with advice during the entire process of mutual evaluation up to the definition of the contractual terms of employment. As part of our service we also actively support the integration of the candidate into the company, monitoring their progress, development and success.